Cut off midway

Our feet pattering about like a stampede

and the music roars

our eyes meet in a moment of

passion, laughing, zero thought

that later we’d be home



what could’ve been

and I, not able to wait,

felt helpless and lonely unknowing of

your feelings

but it’s too late

for me


Life or Death?

It’s power, he said.  Holding the knife smiling.  “The ability to take your own life.  I don’t go through life restricted; I have the ability to control my own fate.  The process that makes us human; our body’s natural inclination to push forward.  The only reason for life – is that it wants to be.  The universe’s push toward increased chaos – that is life.  Where elements come together to produce a being not in its lowest energy state.  A phenomenon that makes no sense.  A drive that I do not possess.  I will not succumb to this blind guided route.  I need a reason – a real reason to push forward.”

I stared at him, “You are right, but the premises you speak upon are not.  Life is a gift.  A gift to experience.  An opportunity to feel and see.  The stars and planets manifesting themselves in you; so that they may know themselves.  The gift is temporary, and we all fizzle out together, but why throw away a gift when it won’t last forever.  You may not feel the fruits of life, but help others to feel.  Grasp onto this gift.  Let it in and enjoy the small piece of it that you have.  Keep breathing because tomorrow is promised to no one.  You want power?  Destroying this gift isn’t powerful – learning to enjoy it is.”