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“Never enter someone’s life unless you intend on making it better”



I can never grasp the reason why people are so obsessed over lines.  Not the type you stand in at an amusement park, I’m talking about number lines, IQ tests, emotional scales, etc.; anything that measures our world in a numerical or linear fashion.  People even think of age in this fashion.  They turn 45 and have a mid life crisis, sounds more like you took your age number line, divided it in half, and now you are freaking out.

            Lines have lead to so much confusion.  Whenever there is an “extent,” there is an underlying line.  Why?  Because our understanding of “more” is associated with “less,” and these measurements are both understood linearly.  When things in life get bad, or when we start to hate people, it seems as though we are moving down a line from: (mental state scale) love-fantastic-amazing-great-good-ok-average-indifferent-not great-pretty bad-awful-terrible-horrible-unbearable-severely depressed, or (relationship scale) lover-best friend-friend-acquaintance-stranger-some jerk-enemy-sworn enemy-arch nemesis-ex wife.  In order to move from one mental state to the next it is necessary to move either forward or backward on these emotion/relationship lines, right?  No, and let me explain why.

            Before I say anything I want you to hold your hands out in front of you.  Actually hold your hands out in front of you.  Make them about a foot apart, and imagine you are holding both extreme ends of that mental status line.  Take your hands and slowly move them up and toward each other till your hands touch.  What did you just do?  You made a circle.

            Life is not about lines; it’s about circles.  Almost everything you can think of is not in fact a line, but a circle.  Life is a circle, age is a circle, and although you always get older, how does that make things linear?  New meanings to life are found every day; just because someone is 50 doesn’t mean they are halfway done.  They very well could have just started again.   We live on a globe.  Scientists actually thought for a while that the universe was a sphere and that if we shined a laser one direction it would eventually come back from behind.  For example, imagine you could shoot a laser east on the earth, and it would go all the way around and hit you in the back.  Scientists at one point thought the universe would behave the same way.  The point is, the linear way of thinking doesn’t work.  We live in a 3 dimensional universe, and our emotions/states seem to follow suit.

            Lets face it; the emotions we feel are the product of tiny chemical reactions going on in our brains.  The feeling of love is not that far from hate, nor is love from depression from our brain’s perspective.  It doesn’t matter how your emotions happen, it just matter that they do.  It may just be a tiny chemical reaction, but it can put you on top of the world, or make you feel like there’s no tomorrow.  Although it seems like these emotions couldn’t be any further away from each other, they are actually the closest, because we operate on a circle, not a line.  The only emotion that lies at the bottom with nowhere to go is indifference.

Your biggest rival can become your best friend, and your best friend can become your sworn enemy.  Right on the brink of depression there is love, and right over the cliff of love there is depression.  When all is found new voids are created, and when all is lost, new value is found.  When suicide seems like the only answer, a self-loving humanitarian is born.  When hope is lost, you couldn’t be closer to finding everything you’ve ever wanted.  Life is a circle, and everything is within your grasp if you just take a moment to think.  But don’t think too long because this circle is over before you know it.