The Meaning of Life

Off the top of my head.

Shortly after the big bang the cloud of dust cooled and hydrogen atoms started to come together to form nebulas and eventually stars.  These stars’ gravity and heat smashed atoms together to create heavier elements.  The stars exploded in a supernova creating tons of stardust with carbon and other elements, which came to form our planet.  These elements eventually formed life, which is what atoms and elements seem to do with enough time.  You could say God comes in here, but I don’t buy that.  These elements: Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Calcium, make up most of our bodies.  That’s all we are, stardust.

Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  An atom can be directly converted into energy.  The mass-energy equivalence proposed by Einstein states that mass is a property of all energy, and energy is a property of all mass.  Our bodies are made up of atoms, which means we are energy, or have a ton of potential energy.

Through many generations of reproduction we have evolved mostly as a product of sexual selection.  From the shape of our bodies, the way we walk, sweat, think, talk, all contribute to reproduction and mate selection.  Our genes want to pair up with the best possible partner so they can move on to the next generation.  That’s all we are; puppets controlled by our genes, our only duty is to pass our genes on to the next generation.

So here we all are, sitting on earth, spinning around the sun, which is spinning around the center of the Milky Way, which is drifting through space bound to crash into the Andromeda galaxy.  There really isn’t anything to worry about though because our sun will die long before then.

Everything we do to prevent imminent death is for what?  Our species will not live for eternity; people are just on a blind-guided route thanks to evolution.  Our species, our world, this galaxy, is just a small piece of a universe that is what, a bend in space-time?  Our universe is tiny, our universe is huge, the fact is; it does not matter because size is relative.  People have this concept of “big” and a “long time” but that is relative to the insignificant realm we live in.

If you are interested in joining me on my mental journey to understand the meaning of life and everything, I will save you some time.  The meaning is nothing.  We are here by chance, and if it were not this way, then there would be no discussion.  We are living in an immeasurable universe and our existence is faster than the blink of an eye in the universe’s perspective.  An asteroid can come and wipe us out at any time, or a supernova pointed in our direction.  There are so many things that could kill us all.  We are like ants living in a soda can on the highway.

Even though there is no meaning to life, we are still conscious beings.  We have complex neuro networks and psychology.  We can love, hate, and feel emotions that can deteriorate the very atoms that make up our bodies.  Since this seems to be our plight, enjoy every moment, don’t take life too seriously, and be happy.  Because our species, planet, galaxy, and universe is just a blink.