Determine self worth?

Let me answer this question with another question:

How does one determine the value of a dollar?

Well, you must spend it.

Im not going to dive full on into this analogy because i only have about 5 minutes before my laptop dies.

When you spend a dollar, you find out how much it is worth.  And when you spend yourself, you figure out how much you are worth.  The best way to explain “spending yourself” would probably be to state the opposition: Doing nothing.  People think their value is determined by others, and while this is true in the example of the dollar, it couldn’t be more untrue in life.  Your value is an internal measure, you determine it, and when you spend yourself you find out how much you are worth.  The basis of measurement for many people is money, but that only increases your value to others, not yourself.  Measure success by the effort you put forth in your endeavors, not the outcome.  This is one part in the measure of our self worth, I will go into other aspects later.

How do others determine our self worth?  This is a great question ill be talking about at a later time as well.


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