Short lived Motivation

“Motivation hits in an instant, and it doesn’t last forever.  The motivation to better yourself, or change the world.  Take that motivation and act on it immediately, no matter where you are.  Make it last a lifetime by not being afraid of hard work.”

Why does motivation seem to hit like a ton of bricks but then fly away like a feather?  Well, most of the time its because of discouragement.  We think of something great, or have a huge energy/moral boost and our brains pump all types of happy chemicals that are, unfortunately, short lived.  With our eminent disappointment also comes the dismissal of effort.  We lose all our motivation before we can even jump on a project.  How do we fix this problem?  By not being afraid of hard work.  But not being afraid of hard work does not mean we are willing to work hard.  People are mentally lazy; we try to expend the least amount of energy possible.  But we can change this with a little alteration in perspective.  You need to learn how to change what you want, and I will cover that in another post.


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